A wise man said to me, “How will the children appreciate the environment, how will they appreciate nature if they never dance in the rain or sleep in the sun, if they are always corralled to ‘go outside’ under limits and rules? Children need to be at one with nature if we expect them to have a connection to our world.” I couldn’t agree with him more. I am seeing that my children have a secret friend in nature and although she was always speaking to me, it is only now that I am listening to her and understanding her language. I am so grateful that my children opened my eyes and my ears and for my not-so-silent friend in our unschooling journey. We do dirt, we do wild and we do free and there is no other way I would rather it be.

The Unlikely Partner in Our Unschooling Journey (via fuckyeahradicaled)

7 Ingredients for a Happy Life


1. Decide to let go of worry and “what ifs”

2. Work on developing your self-confidence

3. Forgive yourself, and others, and let go of grievances

4. Be open and warm in your relationships

5. Don’t compare yourself with other people

6. Define own success

7. Be optimistic, and keep on persevering.

Anonymous asked:

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